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    Annual Membership Fees: Rs. 1000/- (Rupees one thousandOnly)

    Lifetime Membership Fees : Rs. 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only)


    Demand Draft in favor of "Society of Obstetric Medicine"payable at Hyderabad / Bank Transfer


    Bank A/c Name : Society of Obstetric Medicine

    A/C No. 130101000010390

    Bank : Indian Overseas Bank (001301)

    Branch : Adarsh Nagar, Hyderabad

    IFSC Code : IOBA0001301

    Society of Obstetric Medicine, 4-1-1230, Bogulkunta, Hyderabad – 500001.Ph : 40222300 Ext. 1215
    Mobile : +91 8008902042 , Email :

    1. Become a part of the experts involved in the care of women with medical disorders complicating pregnancy
    2. Discount on registration fee for SOMI conferences and distance programs
    3. Privilege to present cases (in person /online) in SOMI academic meetings held once in two months
    4. Access to SOMI members directory
    5. Receive SOMI e-newsletters
    6. Opportunity to contribute/access articles in the SOMI e-newsletters
    7. Opportunity to access protocols and guidelines ( for Life Members)
    8. Opportunity to discuss Obstetric Medicine issues on the Forum (For Life Members)
    9. Opportunity to access resources and training programs
    10. Opportunity to take leadership and various other executive roles
    11. Voting Rights to elect executive board and office bearers of the society (For Life Members)
    12. Opportunity for formation of regional/state/local branches of SOMI as per the rules & regulations. (For life members )

    Membership consists of four categories:

    1. Ordinary members (life members) of the Society shall be individual practicing Physicians, Obstetricians, Anaesthesiologists, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists, Neonatologists, Paediatricians, all medical and surgical sub-specialists.
    2. Associate members
    3. Associate members will be from related disciplines such as Nurses, Midwives, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, etc.
    4. Their privileges shall be the same as those of ordinary members, but they are not eligible to contest for office posts.
    5. Associate life members: Postgraduate students (till qualified) will have privileges and dues, the same as those of ordinary members, but they shall not be eligible to vote or be elected for office. After successful qualification, attested copies of certificates along with medical registration certificate and two stamp size photos with additional fees of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only) will make them ordinary life members.
    6. Annual Memberships: Those who do not wish to become life members can opt for annual membership with privileges of ordinary life member, except for eligibility to contest for office posts.
    7. Founder members: Members of the society who assisted in its inception shall be known as founder members.
    8. Honorary Membership: Unanimous vote of the Executive Board and the affirmative vote of 2/3 of the voting members of the General Assembly may confer the Honorary Membership upon an individual for eminence and outstanding services to Obstetric Medicine. Honorary members will not be eligible to vote nor be subject to dues.

    1. A candidate wishing to join the Society must complete the application form and send it to the Honorary Secretary together with the curriculum vitae.
    2. The Executive Board will consider the application for membership.
    3. A copy of the Constitution shall be available on the website of the society.
    4. Termination of membership:
      1. Any member who desires to terminate his or her membership may do so by delivering a letter of resignation to the Hon Secretary. The membership fees previously paid will not be refundable in this situation.
      2. The Society may terminate the membership for any infraction of rules and/or regulations as determined by the Executive Board and confirmed later by the General Assembly.
      3. The membership will be for the life of the member, until otherwise terminated.

    1. Membership subscription shall be as follows:
      1. Associate Life Members: Rs. 2,000/- (Rupees Two Thousand Only). They can become Life Members after postgraduate qualification by paying a sum of Rs.2, 500/- (Rupees Thousand Five Hundred Only).
      2. Ordinary / Associate Members: Rs.3, 000/- (Rupees Three Thousand Only). The membership fees may be changed from time to time as determined by the Executive Board and approved by the General Assembly.
      3. The membership fees will be for life of the member.
    2. Annual membership fees: Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only)
    3. Any additional fund required for special purposes may only be raised from members with the consent of the general assembly.

    Surekha A
    Venkata Satya Usha Rani Adimulam
    Preety Agarwal
    Shilpa Agarwal
    Dr. Chetna Agarwal
    Qualification: MBBS
    Laxmi Padma Priya Akavarapu
    Madhulatha Alexander
    Suneetha Devi Allanki
    Pawar Amol
    Kakollu Amrutha
    Qualification: MS, FMAS
    Hemalatha Anand
    Qualification: DNB Medicine
    Archana Archi
    Rani Ashok